• The Rev. Elizabeth Whitmer
    Chairwoman - Cann Memorial Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth City, NC
  • The Rev. Gary P. Stanley
    Outpatient Supervisor of PORT Health Services- Elizabeth City, NC
  • Shelby C. Hughes
    Exceptional Student Educator at Currrituck County Schools, Sister-in-law of Benjamin Hughes, namesake of Benjamin House
  • Fred Moncla, MD
    OB/GYN Physician, Elizabeth City, NC
  • Janice Simmons
  • Educator at Camden County High School, English Dept. Chair, Sponsor¬† of National Honor Society
  • Beverly S. Godwin
    Retired Educator, Aunt of Benjamin Hughes, namesake of Benjamin House
  • Mark B. Campbell
    Vice President- Select Bank & Trust Elizabeth City, NC
  • Evangelyn Castellani
    Retired Business Woman & Supporter of Benjamin House
  • C. Braxton Godwin
    Uncle of Benjamin Hughes, namesake of Benjamin House
  • Thomas Giguiere, MD
    Family Medical Services
  • Kos Jackson
    Parent of Resident of Benjamin House
  • Sylvia D. Kirk
    Retired Educator of Exceptional Students


  • Lennie L. Hughes, JD
    Executive Director of Benjamin House, Inc.
  • Jayne Hollowell
    Director of Benjamin House Community Services
  • Lennie Hughes, Jr.
    Director of Benjamin House Residential