Benjamin House Services

Personal Care

Service includes support, supervision and engaging participant with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and other activities of daily living. Support and engaging the participant describes the flexibility of activities that may encourage the participant to maintain skills gained during habilitation while also providing supervision for independent activities.


Respite provides periodic relief for the family or primary caregiver of the individual with developmental disabilities and can be provided in the individual's home or out of home setting, inclusive of overnight, weekend care, emergency care or continuous care up to ten consecutive days.

Supported Employment

Supported employment provides assistance with choosing, acquiring and maintaining a job for individuals whom competitive employment has not been achieved or has been interrupted or intermittent. It includes pre-job training to prepare the participant, job shadowing, resume preparation, interview skills, study skills and learning skills for job retention.

In-Home Skill Building

Provides habilitation and skill building to enable the participant to acquire and maintain skills, which support more independence. It consists of training in interpersonal skills and development and maintenance of personal relationships. Skill building supports the participant in increasing community living skills such as shopping, recreation, personal banking, grocery shopping and other community activities. Training with therapeutic exercises, supervision of self-administration of medication and other services essential to health care at home, including transferring, ambulation and use of special mobility devices and transportation to support implementation of in-home skill building.

Community Networking

Provides individualized day activities that support the participant's definition of a meaningful day in an integrated community setting, with persons who are not disabled. Services are designed to promote maximum participation in community life while developing natural supports within integrated settings, which can include adult education, time management skills, community based classes, volunteer work, participation in community groups, training in education in self-determination and self-advocacy, and using public transportation. It can be used for children to provide them with supports in day care or after school summer programs.

Residential Support

Consists of an integrated array of individually designed training activities, assistance and supervision. It includes habilitation aimed at assisting the participant to acquire, improve, and retain skills in self-help, general household management and meal preparation, personal finance management, socialization and other adaptive areas, assistance in activities of daily living while the participant is dependent on others to ensure health and safety. Habilitation services allows the participant to participate in home life or community activities.

The following services would be available for those individuals that are not receiving services under the Innovations waiver. They still may have a condition that may be defined as a developmental disability though.

Personal Assistance

This is a support service which provides aid to a client so that the client can engage in activities and interactions from which the client would otherwise be limited or excluded because of his disability or disabilities. Assistance includes: (1) assistance in personal or regular living activities in the client's home, (2) support in skill development, or (3) support and accompaniment of the client in regular community activities or in specialized treatment, habilitation or rehabilitation services programs.

Developmental Therapy

This is a developmental disability service that includes individually designed instruction, training or functional developmental intervention activities based on the assessment of, and unique strengths and needs of the individual. This service is only available to school aged children. It is designed to support the individual in the acquisition of skills that the recipient has not gained during the developmental stages of life and is not likely to develop without additional training and supports. The focus is on strengthening skills in the major developmental domains such as self-help, language, cognitive development and psychosocial skills. It can also include training in activities to strengthen appropriate developmental functioning in self-care, mobility, socialization, independent living, self-advocacy and rights.

Group Living

This is a 24-hour service that is provided in a licensed facility, it provides support and supervision in a home environment to enable the participant to participate in community activities, social interactions in the home and participate in treatment / habilitation / rehabilitation services.

Wait List for Services

Benjamin House Residential

There is a 60 day possible wait time to move a new resident into Benjamin House Residential. First, applications are reviewed, and interviews are scheduled for potential residents. Once a resident is chosen, there are certain items that we need from that individual or their family to proceed further. When we have everything we need, the individual is allowed to move in after they have furnished their room to their liking. For information on residential, please contact Lennie L. Hughes, CEO of Benjamin House, Inc. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 252-335-5471 or 252-207-5777.

Benjamin House Community Services

There is a 30 day possible wait time to start providing services to a new individual who needs our assistance. First, we receive a referral for services, then we go out and meet the individual, complete our Initial Assessment Package on them, receive either their ISP (Individualized Support Plan) or PCP (Person Centered Plan) from their Care Coordinator. We then look to see if we have staff available who can work with them, if not, we have to hire someone new. Once staff is obtained, and we receive an approval letter, then we are able to proceed with providing the services they need. Please contact Jayne Hollowell, Director of Community Services, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (252) 331-7731 for more Information.

Community Services

Community Services Office
848 Forest Park Road
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

(252) 331-7731
(252) 331-1777