Well, it's officially the Christmas season for all of us heading to Benjamin House in Elizabeth City NC in a few days. Melanie Vaughan Kimberly R. Harris Arthur Ross Lauren Stanford Billy Shaw Will Shuler Robin Dicker Westle and I will be rehearsing tonight, tomorrow and next Monday as we prepare to leave for our annual visit in support of all of our friends at Benjamin House and I, for one, cannot wait to get down to see everyone this season. Special shoutout to one of our former music directors for the BHBenefit, Mike Pettry, whose picture is on the front page of the Albemarle Life section of today's Daily Advocate. And we couldn't to any of it without Lennie and Ann Parke Hughes, as well as our generous sponsors: Al Wordsworth, Laurel & Don Senick, Fidelity National Title Co., Lee & Marion Gutman, Lyn Castellani, Lynn & Curtis Hinkley, Select Bank & Trust, Towne Bank & Trust. Their generosity is what this season of giving is all about! To all of our friends in Elizabeth City, I can't wait to bring this amazing cast of performers to town, especially our newest cast member, Billy Shaw. You'll love seeing your friends from years past singing new songs and telling stories, and you're going to make a grand new friend in Billy.